Bitbucket Get Hook Events Subject Type

Bitbucket - Get Hook Events Subject Type

Returns a paginated list of all valid webhook events for the specified entity. This is public data that does not require any scopes or authentication. Example: NOTE: The following example is a truncated response object for the `team` `subject_type`. We return the same structure for the other `subject_type` objects. ``` $ curl { "page": 1, "pagelen": 30, "size": 21, "values": [ { "category": "Repository", "description": "Whenever a repository push occurs", "event": "repo:push", "label": "Push" }, { "category": "Repository", "description": "Whenever a repository fork occurs", "event": "repo:fork", "label": "Fork" }, ... { "category": "Repository", "description": "Whenever a repository import occurs", "event": "repo:imported", "label": "Import" } ] } ```

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curl -v "{subject_type}?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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